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I create to feel, express and heal.

What kind of artwork do you do? I create figurative sculptures using ceramic. I make art pieces that communicate that all emotions have a purpose, even those labeled as negative.

How has being an immigrant influenced your art? Being an immigrant has shaped my beliefs, feelings, and identity, directly impacting what I create. Above all, I am confident I would not be an artist if I were still living in Colombia. Moving to a different country brought challenges and new opportunities, including learning ceramics.

What does your work aim to say? My art seeks to express what it means to be human. I want to show that every life has a tremendous amount of joy, love, confusion, as well as pain and loss. I want to convey that all emotions, positive or negative, are a part of the human experience.

What motivates and inspires you? Hope and love motivate me. The complexity of life and emotions are the main inspirations for my art.

What process do you go through mentally when you are creating a piece? My creative process start by targeting an emotion. Then, I feel and think about colors, symbols, and gestures that will help me to capture the emotion. Finally, I imagine and sketch the piece to guide my sculpting process.

What role does the artist have in society? Artists have multiple roles in society depending on the art produced. The role of my art is to validate emotions and communicate empathy.

How do you navigate the art world? I navigate the art world with hope and patience. It is an environment that requires constant learning and endless passion.

How has your practice changed over time? Over time, I have incorporated other media into my work and improved my sculpting skills. However, the intention of my artwork has remained the same.

What is the biggest challenge of being an artist? My biggest challenges in being an artist are lack of economic stability and self-doubt.

What themes do you pursue? I pursue emotions and self-awareness in my art.

What is your dream project? My dream project is to create a free ceramic studio to support the community. Art has given me hope, resilience, and healing. I would like to offer free artistic opportunities to those who do not have the economic resources to take classes or create art.

What superpower would you have and why? I would like to have the power to heal others. I think mental and physical illnesses impact the lives of way too many good souls.

What is the biggest mistake you have made within your career to this point? My biggest mistake in my career was to let myself be consumed by self-doubt and consider quitting art. It is challenging to remember sometimes that mistakes are an uncomfortable yet, inevitable part of being alive.

How have other artists or art genres influenced your sense of aesthetics? Expressionism and surrealism are two art movements that have influenced my artwork. They inspire me to push boundaries and create things that are authentic to me.

How do you know when a work is finished? My artwork is finished when it captures the message or feeling I am trying to communicate.

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