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An International Collective Art Show

Exhibition Description:

This exhibition explores the negative voices in our heads, the voices that criticize us, tell us we will never be good enough, that keep us up at night and hold us back through fear.  We all have these demons. They whisper in our ears, scream at us to stop when we are about to do something vulnerable. "You aren’t good enough, smart enough, strong enough. You will not succeed.” If someone says these words we may call them bullies, but what about when these voices come from within? What happens when the silence of our own thoughts only makes them louder and more convincing? In this show each artist faces off with their demons to acknowledge them and begin thinking critically about how to manage self-criticism for the benefit of creative production. 

Art Night Gallery Artist Collective:

Founded in 2020, Art Night Gallery is an artist collective that began as a creative support group online during the pandemic and has become a strong community from afar. Every Sunday evening Art Night Gallery artists open their computers, sign onto Zoom, and make in their studios while chatting or just listening to the sounds of the other artists creating in their spaces. Our diverse group of female-identifying artists reaches from Canada throughout the United States. Each artist springs from divergent cultural, ethnic, and social backgrounds and creates work in a variety of mediums from painting and drawing to ceramics and fiber. Equally as varied, are the concepts and aspects of each artist's practice, reaching from highly rendered figurative work to full abstraction. The common thread is a dedication to the creative and to supporting other artists in their journey as makers.

Participating Artists:


  • Bushra Gill

  • Sarah Plamondon

  • Carmen Mendoza

  • Dani Vinokurov

  • Shannon Astolfi

  • Kirsten Francis

  • Tara Centybear

  • Ash Woodworth

  • Amy Dyck

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