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Multi-dimensional resin paintings of Elizabeth Shupe

"The inflorescence is a word that refers to the flowers of a plant or the process of flowering, and that is just what this art exhibit is about.

These paintings began as unrelated ideas, started the course of many turbulent years of my life, and they remained disconnected and unfinished until I was invited to do this show. At that point, I took stock of all of my work and noticed a theme emerging in all the undone paintings I had laying about. Even though these paintings were half-finished and had been started while I was experiencing much hardship in my personal life, now that I was on the other side of that hardship, I found that I could read the half-finished paintings almost like the images in a deck of tarot cards- and to my surprise, they radiated hope and empowerment. I decided that I would bring them to completion to mark the end of this portion of my life journey and celebrate just how far I have come."

Currently, I am creating paintings on many layers of resin, a technique that I developed to compensate for my depth perception disorder. In the course of developing this resin technique, I found that I could include all sorts of materials and found objects, and this sparked a fascination for working with nontraditional materials.

I like to use materials that create specific visual effects, like glass, holographic pigment, and faceted crystal. I also try to incorporate materials that have emotional and historical resonances. These materials include antique tintype photographs, Victorian paper ephemera, and human hair. I want my materials list to read like a Surrealist short story, with inherent contradictions and glittering poetics.
In the future I hope to incorporate even more unique and emotionally laden materials, and to do so in a way that pushes the limits of my multimedia resin painting technique in both scale and dimensionality.

Learn more about her work in the interview we did with her.   

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Arcana II (The High Priestess) Print Siz
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