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Nils Dougan

Born in Germany and raised in military towns across America, his life and perspective have been shaped by global influences. With a B.F.A. in Watercolor and an A.A.S. in Computer Information Systems, he spends his time trying to find the common thread between all things and distill this essence into works of art.

Pieces start with a long design phase on the computer using vector software. Once ready for a draft, the laser cuts a single-inch sheet of wood at a time. Afterward, layers are glued together to create a depth effect and provide a first look at the composition in real space. In the final draft, he can begin to assemble pieces in earnest, choosing wood that has the color and texture he's looking for, and adding elements like stain or watercolor. Wall art pieces are finished with some sanding, a lasered signature, a protective coating, and hanging hardware.

Using laser technology to cut precise geometric patterns out of wood, Nils Dougan explores the intersection between math, art, illusion, and reality.


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