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 An Exploration of the Tarot Cards by Samantha Fisher

I became intrigued with the Tarot after my first reading over 20 years ago. It was 1996, in the Big Easy following a hitchhiking trip form New York, specifically the New Jersey turnpike, to New Orleans. Succeeding many trials and tribulations, some very sketchy rides and lots of rather uncomfortable sleeping accommodations I arrived in New Orleans. It was my first time in the southern city and I instantly feel in love. In the French Quarter, I soaked up the atmosphere and felt the energy of the city swirling around me, gazing around at all of the interesting characters I spotted an older woman who caught my attention. She was seated on a folding chair in front of an old storefront. In front of her was a small round table covered with a red velvet cloth strewn with magical brightly colored and well worn cards. She looked weathered yet focused as she shuffled and flipped the magical cards. I watched her intently as she spoke to the man seated across from her. He looked inquisitively at her, hanging on every word and at times looked a bit stunned at the information he was receiving from the wise old sage. I was enamored! It was then and there that I had to have a reading...!

I waited patiently and stepped up to the table when it was my turn. I was a bit nervous but also excited to hear what this worldly woman had to say to me about my future. The cards were so beautiful and the imagery intrigued me. The way she handled the cards made them appear to be merely an extension of her and what she told me that day determined my next step in life... but that is a whole other and much longer story...

The Tarot is a visual representation of life in all its forms and facets. It is that visual representation of words, thoughts and feelings that I connect to as an artist. I have always been able to communicate better with images than with words and that is why I feel so much affinity for the Tarot. Through this body of work I am exploring imagery from traditional tarot decks in combination with subjects commonly used in my own work. I’ve created a nature based deck including flora, fauna, and portraiture. The exhibition will display 40 cards out of a total body of 78. This is a collection of cards chosen from the major arcana, pentacles, swords, wands, and cups. It expresses the variety of the Tarot in all its glorious imagery. I have made the complete 78 cards and will be printing an entire deck for public purchase in the near future. Stay tuned for more developments.

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