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 A picture of the front door of the gall
Old Gallery on Division St
Gallery on Alberta Arts District
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A Story of Blind Insect

Ten years ago, Blind Insect Gallery first graced Division Street, emerging as a haven for artistic expression. Spearheaded by the artist Pepe Moscoso and a collective of visionary artists, this gallery became a vibrant tapestry of creativity. However, driven by a desire to explore and connect with art enthusiasts far and wide, Blind Insect temporarily closed its doors to embark on a journey through the vast landscape of fine art festivals across the Western region.

Now, like a phoenix rising from the ashes, in 2019 Blind Insect Gallery has found its new home in the heart of the Alberta Arts District. The gallery has transformed into a community exhibition space, with a resolute focus on providing a platform for multicultural artists and creatives who often find themselves marginalized in the mainstream art scene. With an ever-evolving collection of artwork and specialty items, Blind Insect Gallery also curates monthly feature exhibitions, showcasing the diverse talents of artists from across the globe. These exhibitions form an integral part of the renowned Last Thursday Art Walk, adding an extra layer of vibrancy and creative exploration to the local community.

Blind Insect Gallery stands as a testament to the transformative potential of art, a sanctuary where voices that were once silenced can now reverberate with unabridged authenticity. Guided by Pepe Moscoso's unwavering vision and fueled by the collective spirit of the artistic community, it continues to be a beacon of inspiration, fostering creativity, cultural exchange, and the celebration of the human experience.
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