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A story of Blind Insect

Art Gallery
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Gallery on Alberta Arts District

Blind Insect Gallery opened eight years ago on Division street as a gallery showcasing artwork by Pepe Moscoso and other artists. After closing the gallery to travel to fine art festivals throughout the west, Blind Insect Gallery has now reopened in the Alberta Arts District.

Artist Pepe Moscoso reopened the Gallery as a community exhibition space focusing on the artwork of multicultural artists and creatives who don’t otherwise have access to show their work in the mainstream. In addition to a steady inventory of artwork and specialty items, Blind Insect produces monthly feature exhibitions of artists from around the globe, as part of Last Thursday, Art Walk.


Pepe’s journey as an artist has been a bit nontraditional. Originally from Guanajuato, he pursued a few different career paths, including law (he was a practicing lawyer!) culinary arts, photography, and journalism, before realizing that he could make the life that he wanted with art. After moving to Portland with this vision in mind, he spent his time as a community arts producer collaborating with various institutions, producers, and organizations, and was also the producer and presenter of the radio program FA radio (FusionArte) on KBOO 90.7 FM.


His work is motivated by community, inclusion, diversity, and identity, and his superpower is storytelling.

Old Gallery on Division St
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