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Acrylics Paintings by Aleksandra Apocalisse

I am a painter and illustrator with a Russian background, living in Portland, OR. I mostly work with acrylics, watercolors, and pens.

This new collection of acrylic paintings explores the symbiotic relationships found in nature, telling the tale of these interdependent creatures with a dreamy, romantic spin, as if their story is written in the stars. The hands in each painting refer to how humans are always part of the greater web of ecosystems, no matter how separate or uninvolved we consider ourselves.

I have a background in science, and have always been in love with nature and fascinated by ecology. Too often, art and science are placed on opposite sides of a spectrum, with the assumption that science requires cold, hard rationality, without the inspired imaginativeness that is so rooted in art. My goal is to merge art and science into a holistic worldview, one cohesive love letter to nature. This series is a part love letter to nature, part homage to my background in science. With this body of work, I hope to educate others about patterns in nature and inspire them to fall in love with it, too.

Along with merging art and science, with this exhibition, I aim to merge different art forms, and include creative writing pieces by collaborating poets and writers to accompany each painting. Painting is such a solitary activity, and I find fulfillment in involving other people in my process whenever possible.

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