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 Mixed-media Whimsical Paintings  by Najia Omer

Born and raised in Karachi- Pakistan, artist Najia Omer graduated from the Indus Valley College for Arts and Architecture. Her work evocates the struggle faced by thousands of Americans over time. Like so many ‘newcomers’ before her, Najia finds herself exploring the enigmatic concept of ‘home’ and ‘belonging’ as it relates to letting go of her roots to ‘fit in’, while simultaneously struggling to hold on to the influences that shaped her as a woman.  

Growing up in Pakistan, I was just me. Moving to the United States as an adult, suddenly I am a ‘person of color’, ‘historically marginalized’ and often, ‘not welcome’. My art speaks loudly, of my journey to find a place for myself and my family in this new world; to acclimating, to establishing a new home, to not lose sight of my heritage, my culture, my language, and all the forces that shaped me into who I am today; to teach my children to be proud Americans, even when someone says they don't belong; to teach my daughter to be brave and strong and independent- in ways I was never allowed to explore. My work is a reflection of who I am as an American, an Immigrant, a woman, a Muslim, and a mom.

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