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Analog Collages by Agata Rek

I was raised in Poland in the 80s where communism was still a major part of the culture and government. Just like for my parents it was a challenging time.

The environment was full of monochromatic colors and omnipresent roughness. Standing out or

being different wasn’t welcomed. Exaggerated humbleness, however, was glorified. These circumstances planted creativity, and have taught me to find beauty in the most unusual of objects.

Lack of materials and empty store shelves grew imagination and the inventive spirit in me. I learned how to puzzle, recycle and create from anything that was available to me. I developed “out of the box thinking “, which became my natural habitat. That period of my life, I believe, shaped me as an artist and as a human being. I have had learned to live within the darkness, that I find necessary to catch the shining light, keeping me in balance, making stronger.

I like the touches of darkness in art. It intrigues and translates to its authenticity, becoming a sort of natural ingredient as to mimicking real events.


I never realize how much my childhood influenced

my work until it was exposed by its viewers as dark, strong, nostalgic, sensual, contradictable. It amazes me, that unconsciously I was able to combine my personal, emotional code into my work, giving a suggestive narration. Vulnerability makes me anxious sometimes but also gives me the ability to see things vividly. Clean forms and geometry in my work is the result of studying architecture in college. I truly care for the right configuration and I think through the shapes. They inspire me as well as women, that are synonymous with all the emotions I am experiencing and portraying in my work. Shapes are also a metaphor for female’s bodies. My desire though is

to accomplish work that has no gender.


Living in Europe and The United States allowed me

to implement the cultural differences in my value system. I learn a lot about myself. Living in a state of constant “in-between”, dealing with longingness, using art as my healer.

I must express myself through various media as I am constantly learning, experiencing and exploring. There is a strong relationship between my work and the way I am associated with fashion. Both are my tools to portray many personalities that coexist within me. It gives me the freedom of choice. I like to clash old ingredients with a modern way of thinking in any aspect of my life. It comes naturally to me. Also, because I am trying to live a sustainable life. I am happy I can create something permanent from something disposable and add to it a unique and meaningful context.


I believe nothing speaks louder than an evocative form that stirs the imagination, tugs at the heartstrings and engages the mind and soul. Brings back the memories. "Evocative Forms" are all that I described above. The rest I am living to your own interpretation. I hope my work will intrigue you and provoke a discussion. I hope you will get inspired to look carefully at the world around you and the person within you.

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