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 Multi-reality artwork by Pepe Moscoso

This series features the hybrid multiple planes of reality that take place in everyday life moments, whether in inharmonious arenas of abandoned places, or spectacular landscapes of my trips touring the United States. In these multi-reality art pieces, I play with the story-making of connecting you to outer space, the monster under the bed, mythical creatures, overcoming hard times, and many others.

My exploration of unexpected alteration of reality that challenges binary oppositions like life and death, ugly and pretty, or good and bad. Everything is created by how we analyze life from our unique perspective and intellect. This collection of artwork represents a connection to memories of childhood when anything was possible. There are no limits, other than the limits of our own imagination, where we fuse together real and fantasy: the amalgamation of human and supernatural stories that have been passed down through generations that become the narrative of our lives.

The feeling that I hope to capture with these photos of abandoned and forgotten places in America is important because when I create my pieces, I search the many layers of the past, the stories that get stuck in those places, acknowledgement of truth and fiction about those spaces, followed by the releasing of the layers of feelings. Each piece is a reminder to us that even though the memories and places still exist with us, we can transform our minds to form a new reality.

Please immerse yourself in my art exploration that offers a world view that is not based on natural or physical laws, nor objective reality, but one that celebrates the body, the senses, and the relationship between humans, the supernatural, and the promise of a better life.

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