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Remembering Touch
 Watercolor paintings  by Anya Mirontes Keyes

Anya Mironets Keyes grew up in Soviet-era Ukraine before moving to the United States when she was sixteen. She had long dreamed of becoming a painter, but eager to make it in a new country. Her entire life She has been moving at each stop, her girlfriends gave her a newcomer with a funny accent a sense of belonging. We revealed to each other our most tender selves, safe from fear of judgment. Our love felt eternal and true, and strong, strong enough to survive the distance.


This series explores that euphoria and loss, that power and vulnerability of true female attachment. In these paintings, she reflects on the void of female connection and longing for the relationships she lefts behind. Anya explores the different meanings of intimacy and reflects on the intensity and range of feelings it brings us.


In moments of happiness and sorrow and hardship— be it theirs or mine, she deeply missed her girlfriend’s touch. Painting these series helped her to realize how easy it is to take that closeness for granted. And until she finds that connection again, she continues painting.

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