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Mixed-Media Sculptures by Katt Sarro


Verb: to gradually decline in effectiveness due to underuse or neglect.

We are all born with an inherent playful zest for life, full of creativity and inquiry about the world. There is a sense of discovery that allows children to bravely face their existence with confidence and directness, void of any insecurities that society has yet to place on them. This pure and innocent idea of SELF atrophies as we age. Slowly decaying, as the expectations and harsh truths of the world shape our egos.

I strive to combat this deterioration of imagination. It manifests through my work in the form of a semi-chaotic clay slip casting process. Countless plaster molds are filled with liquid clay producing a vast array of objects, which are then ‘Frankenstein’ together. For this series, I rely heavily on easily relatable anatomical forms. Piles of body parts amass and without a clear direction, I allow my intuition to take over. This sense of play is crucial to the way the pieces combine, holding them up to the others to see what sparks the next idea. I try to let go of any expectations and just create. Something magical ALWAYS happens.

My figures are mounted on wooden boards to allude to taxidermied specimens. A symbol of the attachment to our youth. Sacrifices cut out of ourselves, forever stunted and stuck in a past time. A TROPHY of us, displayed for all to see.

Mixed Media:
clay, glaze, wood, wire
pheasant wings & feathers
fabric, leather, cotton eyelet trim
22K GOLD, embroidery floss
steel horseshoe nails, rubber O rings
skull & metal beads

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