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Updated: Apr 27, 2021

A Journey Written In Color

Remembering Touch

Anya Mironets Keyes

Strength, beauty, longing, and creativity are just a few words to describe the journey that artist; Anya Mironets Keyes has been on in the last few years of her life. Anya’s journey was paved with many hard decisions and choices that would determine her future as an artist. As an immigrant from Ukraine, Anya’s artwork speaks to her experiences growing up in the soviet union and later immigrating to the United States.

"We revealed to each other our most tender selves, safe from fear of judgment. We were honest, and open and asked for forgiveness and forgave. We built each other up and when we did wrong we repaired."
REPAIR // Watercolor on paper

When asked the question “what does your artwork aim to say?” Anya thought back to the moments in her life that spoke to her experiences in Ukraine. One example she gave was a piece she had painted of a lemon. She does not simply “see a lemon” Anya sees the only fresh fruit available in the winter in Ukraine. She thinks carefully and intentionally when thinking back on these moments.

From growing up in the city of Kyiv to summers spent in the village of Vertiivka, Anya’s life and art speaks of power, perseverance, and learning your true passion in life. After graduating high school, Anya chose a career society told her was the most practical and beneficial path. She became a pharmacist and for ten years she spent her days perfecting this practice, but always longed for her art to take full flight. The desire to express herself through art ached inside of her. She left the pharmacy world and entered the world of her true passion.

"My girlfriends respected vulnerability, gave me a space to express my genuine self without fear of being shamed. This type of space I seek to find today"
SEEK // Watercolor Painting

For the last four years Anya has been creating pieces that not only depict her own memories and experiences but also speak loudly to the people consuming her artwork. The intentional and unintentional lines and strokes of her paintings moves people in a way only the truest form of art can. She continues to seek inspiration and uses her platform to bring Ukrainian culture and influences to life by using bright colors and soft texture.

It is an honor to observe the artwork of Anya Mironets Keyes and to see the journey secretly written inside her paintings. With each piece there is a hidden message of strength and courage woven between each brush stroke.

~ MJ Tuning


(a poem for Anya Mironets Keyes)

Her silhouette imitates the brush strokes in her paintings, reflecting every aspect of her journey. A humble presence and smile that lights up the room. Her art speaks loudly to her Ukranian roots. Every subtle brush stroke, every line drawn, is a statement of how she has overcome.

Every finished painting a testament to fulfilling her long lasting dream. Her thoughts and ideas whirling around in a safe space inside her soul Anya honors her memories with every painting she creates. Depicting her past and speaking to her future as an inspiring artist.

She creates beauty from a humble place inside.Learning from her experiences and finding her own voice and style She is grace and strength personified.

Every color she puts on canvas tells a new story.

She collects her memories to share a unique perspective to the world.

She is an artist, and inspiration, a wonder to behold,

She is Anya.

~ MJ Tuning

“Artists may be underrated but they are full of power and are awesome”

~Anya Mironets Keyes

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