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Portraits of a Migration
 Acrylic Paintings by Puerto Rican artist Osvaldo Vázquez Martínez

Portraits of a migration is a recollection of portraits of the face of migration in the Caribbean. It presents the reality of islanders and migration and how this idea of leaving the homeland is always confronted by the sea. Who presents itself as a door sometimes and a wall in other moments.

As islanders, we are separated from the world by the sea. The sea is a door through which one comes or goes. For an islander to come home is to come to the sea but also when you leave it is the only image that remains. Sometimes that image of the sea is like a wall it’s a wall that you are being pushed against. Especially when you are being forced out. For both islanders, those who still live on the island as those who find themselves living in the diaspora our relationship with the sea is as close to our hearts and as mysterious as the stories that come along with it. The ocean represents a sense of reminiscence, a memory.

Portraits of a Migration presents the faces of islanders and the struggle of losing their homes, and how they are being forced to move from their islands. Leaving only the image of the sea painted on their faces as an everlasting memory.

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