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Chuck E. Bloom

I believe there is magic in everything. It is found in every blade of grass waving in the breeze on a Summer’s day. You can feel it where raindrops wash your skin. It is heard in the early morning bird song and the rustle of leaves as a squirrel forages in the Autumn. Firelight and shadow dance an enchantment under a gibbous moon. This magic is within the reach of our fingertips and as close as the end of our noses.

There is so much more to what is around us than our restrictive adult eye allows us to perceive. It is my intent to approach the world, and my art, with a child’s eye and enthusiasm. The images I create are glimpses of those places that are just around the bend of reality in our mature minds but stir memories from our youth of portals to places strange, wonderous, and ominous. Every little detail begs examination, and every ruin or darkened doorway begs exploration. The unpeopled landscapes prompt contemplation of who or what is just out of sight. The magic that surrounds us is ‘just out of sight until we open our eyes and take a step into our dreams and trust our intuition. It is then obvious that we are part of a limitless universe and something unique.


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