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A Gathering of Culture, Flavors, and Art.

The main idea of BARRIO is to feature a specific community, their heritage, and their creative expression. More communities of people are moving to Portland and through BARRIO we want to create a greater understanding of the art, cultures, and creative expression of these communities. BARRIO is an event where everyone belongs and belonging expands beyond our walls.

In Today's society, it is very easy to lose sight of the small joys in life. As humans, we forget to discover new things and immerse ourselves in different cultures. We tend to believe that in order to find an “authentic cultural experience” we need to hop on a plane. The Blind Insect gallery believes there is a much easier way. The Blind Insect would like to introduce Barrio. An idea born from a desire to explore other cultures and create community within these gatherings. Barrio will take you through the diversity and beauty of the many different places and cultures here in Portland. Each Barrio event includes, featured artists, food and music from immigrants from all over the world.



Barrio is an opportunity to not just witness Community, but to BE community. The best things in life happen when we go beyond ourselves and embrace others. Barrio encourages you to come, and be inspired.


Art gallery Owner: Pepe Moscoso describes his vision for Barrio; as an introduction to community and inspiration, not only for the art community, but for all who want to feel welcome and embrace the beauty of other cultures. Our world is in need of community and unity. Barrio could be the beginning. Pepe dreams to create space for people to learn from each other, and to explore new things together. He wants to create spaces for individuals to be inspired and inspire others.

Barrio Colombia.jpg


We are excited to announce the tenth installment of BARRIO, a gathering of culture, sounds, flavors, and art. This month Blind Insect is featuring Colombia. The culture of this country is starkly contrasted, diverse, and vibrant. Colombia's people are as varied as its landscape. This rich cultural mix makes the experience of their foods, music, dance, and art diverse and unique.

A lot of things are coming for this big event, we will announce soon. This event runs from 6:00pm - 9:00pm on the Last Thursday of August 31st.



As a soft launch of this project, we started with BARRIO OF PERU. Featuring the artwork of William Hernandez with his solo exhibition "THE TRANSITION". We explored, as a community, the music and dance of Peru with a Live Performance by Luciana Proano & JB Butler (INKA JAM)  We enjoyed the flavors of this land with delicious Peruvian snacks served by Chef Gary Marmanillo.


This month for the second installment of BARRIO Blind Insect featured Pakistan. The culture of this country is starkly contrasted, diverse, and vibrant. It is a melting pot of Indian, Persian, Afghan, Central Asian, South Asian, and Western Asian influences.

As the second installment of this project, we featured the artwork by the Pakistani artist Najia Omer with her solo exhibition "THE WAVES WILL CARRY US". This show explores and reflects who the artist is as an American, an immigrant, a woman, a Muslim, and a mom.

We explored the music of Pakistan with Dj Prashant and the professional singer Azam, they bring joy of Pakistani music, creating good vibes to dance a celebrate as a community

We enjoyed the flavors of this land with delicious snacks, Pakistani style.


As the third installment of BARRIO, Blind Insect Gallery was featuring Russia. Under the umbrella of Russian-speaking artists, the culture that comes forth is unique and diverse in its roots.


We featured the artworks by the Russian artists Aleksandra Apocalisse, Igor Snigirev, Inna Pustakhanova, Oksana K, Oleg Kash, Tatyana Ostapenko, Anya Mironets, Goni Na Lyubov, and Yana Golberg.


We explored the sounds of Russian musician and songwriter Irina Myachkin and dance music with the Dj Zhenya. Fools House Art Collective House Foolof Art brings us a uniquely immersive experience via theater. This BARRIO We brought together the flavors of Russia via a participatory style pot luck to see your version of a Russian tapas to share with the community.


Blind Insect Gallery presents WHAT ABOUT LIFE? An international collage exhibition that explores the crucial transitions we’ve experienced during and after the pandemic, including cultural movements. The transformation of our whole self immerses in the everyday insolation as we move to come out again.


Blind Insect Gallery showcased Mixed-Media artwork of Larry Calkins, Sydney Rose, Scott Neff, Sharon Wherland, Cheryl Chudyk, Zach Collins, Kellette Elliott, Miss.printed & Cory Peeke. Thursday July 29th from 6:30 p.m. to 9: 30 pm. This exhibition is part of the two-year anniversary of the Blind Insect Gallery.



Under the umbrella of Spain, its culture is rooted in a unique and diverse heritage. We explored the music and dance with Espacio Flamenco, who brought “Flamenco Callejero” to BARRIO of Spain with an open flamenco jam session from 7-9pm. Everyone joined in the dance of Sevillanas, Bulerias, and Rumbas fun!

This BARRIO  brought the flavors of Spain with two paella makers! Can Fontpre and pared on-site by chef Kelley Dodd and DJ Blas returned for his second BARRIO to bring a mix of sounds for the ultimate dance party.

Inside Blind Insect Gallery, we featured the painting artwork by artist Samantha Fisher with her solo exhibition "DARK vs. LIGHT" which explores the art displayed on a deck of Tarot cards.

But that is not all! Around 8:30pm the artist Ethereal Light Art brought us a uniquely immersive experience via light painting photography. He will be available to do portraits of any participant while capturing the beauty of light through long exposure photography.


For fifth installment of BARRIO! This month Blind Insect Gallery was featuring México. We enjoyed together this symbolic culture and explore México in its many art forms.

The Mexican culture is rich, colorful, and vibrant, influenced by its ancient civilizations and diverse heritage. We explored the sounds of México with the fearless singer Edna Vazquez, a songwriter and guitarist whose powerful voice and musical talent embrujan and transcend the boundaries of language.

The prehispanic rhythms from the past and the voices of the sacred energy were presented by the ensemble Huehcha Omeyocan and the magic colors of this country was represented by the dancers the Chinelos, who are the best known Carnival dancers in Mexico.

Inside Blind Insect Gallery, we featured the collage artwork by the Mexican artist Pepe Moscoso with his solo exhibition "Things We Don't See" after a two year hiatus from creating art, he is back with new series of collages that explore the memories, magical worlds, and those childhood adventures of our past.

This BARRIO brought together the flavors of México by local restaurants and mezcal from Ilegal. We dance with DJ Chaach who played the sounds that exemplify global music.

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