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Hidden Realms and Forgotten Wonders
Original Artwork by artist Lea Barozzi

In the velvety embrace of twilight, this series of paintings unfold like a whispered secret, a glimpse into a world where the ordinary flirts with the extraordinary. At its center stands the mushroom, not merely a fungus, but a portal to realms unseen, a beacon of the surreal. Beside it, a blue beetle shimmers, a sentinel of the hidden, its cerulean carapace catching stray glimmers of light like forgotten dreams.

A brass key lies nearby, heavy with unspoken tales, promising the unlocking of doors that lead to wondrous, untold stories. What might this key unlock? In this enchanted tableau, a cat, eyes gleaming with ancient wisdom, lounges with an air of knowing. This feline presence adds a touch of the uncanny, a reminder that in the shadows lurk mysteries both charming and arcane.

And then there’s the tea, a symbol of comfort and ritual amidst the magic. It’s a quiet invitation to pause, to sip, and to dream. Against the dark background, these elements come alive, each a piece of a fantastical puzzle, urging us to delve deeper, to embrace the whimsy and the wonder, and to let our imaginations roam free in this beguiling nocturnal world.

Learn more about her work in the interview we did with her.

LBarozzi_Through Moonlit Realms.jpg
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