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LBarozzi_Enchanted Twilight.jpg

Opening reception: June 27th

Blind Insect is thrilled to present this captivating exploration of the unseen. Portland-based artist Lea Barozzi’s latest exhibition, “Hidden Realms and Forgotten Wonders,” is set to enchant the art community of the vibrant Alberta Arts District. Opening on June 27th as part of the renowned Last Thursday art walk, this captivating showcase promises to transport viewers into a realm where the ordinary and extraordinary intertwine.

“In the velvety embrace of twilight, this series of paintings unfolds like a whispered secret, a glimpse into a world where the mundane flirts with the surreal,” At the heart of this captivating display stands the mushroom – not merely a fungus, but a portal to unseen realms, a beacon of the fantastic. Beside it, a blue beetle shimmers, a sentinel of the hidden, its cerulean carapace catching stray glimmers of light like forgotten dreams.

Gallery Hours

Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday - CLOSED

Thursday, Friday & Saturday  11–5 pm

Sunday 12–5 pm


Nestled within the heart of creativity, the Blind Insect Gallery emerges as a bridge that amplifies art while kindling vibrant conversations surrounding multicultural artwork, creative expression, and culture. With its ever-evolving ensemble of talented artists, the gallery transforms into an ethereal platform showcasing a kaleidoscope of art across a vast spectrum of media.

Art for Everyone

Blind Insect Gallery proudly showcases the artwork of over twenty artists, hailing from the vibrant local artists to talents that span the globe, representing a rich tapestry of multicultural backgrounds. At our core, we take immense pride in offering artists a coveted platform to exhibit their creations.

However, our mission extends far beyond mere exhibition. We believe that art should be accessible to all, regardless of age or stage in life. With this ethos in mind, we curate a collection that embraces affordable price points, whether you're an avid collector or just beginning your journey, we want to ensure that the experience of owning and living with original artwork or high-quality reproductions is within everyone's reach.



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