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Artwork by the Oaxaqueño artist Zabdiel Martínez

The following series of drawings is an essay on a higher, divine reality, and the connection of us as humans to the web that weaves perceptual “reality.” It is a journey into the deepest corners of the human soul, exploring the connection between individual consciousness and the vast universal energy that surrounds us. It is an introspective exhibition, where the works invite us to reflect on the mysteries of human existence, our relationship with the divine and our position in the fabric of existence.

Consciousness is the line that weaves the tapestry of reality, uniting each soul into a cosmic fabric of universal connection. It invites us to recognize the infinite unity that unites all forms of life in an eternal embrace. It is a primordial force that underlies all reality. Our consciousness is light, it is a divine spark that illuminates the path of the soul on its eternal journey, the bridge that unites the finite with the infinite, it is the portal to the transcendental; Our consciousness is like an infinitely multiplying eye that observes and is everywhere at the same time.

I use graphite as a technique for this series of reflections because black and white is the easiest way to bring the observer closer to the same experience. In the end, objective reality does not exist, each living being has an experience of reality, and each person sees the world differently because we all have different levels of consciousness, the only thing that is inherent to all humans and that we always intuit is our “higher self”, the energy that guides our steps, the inner voice that whispers the mysteries of the universe; consciousness.

“We do not see things as they are, but as what we are” Jiddu Krishnamurti

Learn more about his work in the interview we did with him.

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