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Robin Kerr

I am a Portland-based New Zealander artist. My artwork is made up of various combinations of wax pencil, wax pastel, acrylic paint, ink, and graphite on high-quality mixed media paper.

I use tape and sticky vinyl to define shapes (Resist Art) and I use various sharp implements to scrape back top layers to reveal what is underneath (Sgraffito). I also like to layer using a manual transfer method; I build up the pigment on a piece of baking paper, then use a rounded metal tool to transfer the pigment onto another color on the work in progress. It is a great way to get a washed-out vintage-ish line of lighter pigment onto dark pigment. Loads and loads of smudging and blending go on, whatever else is happening. Anyway, I am perpetually playing around with new techniques that I think up in the middle of the night or trip over by mistake.

Each piece has a fixative applied to avoid accidental smudging of the media. The work is framed or mounted on wood cradled panels. The panels are finished with a light satin varnish.

Robin Photo working in studio.jpg

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