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Barrio of Peru

Let’s enjoy this symbolic culture together and explore culture in its many art forms.

Blind Insect is excited to announce BARRIO, a new project in the gallery, which means “neighborhood”. BARRIO is a gathering of culture, flavors, and art.

The main idea of BARRIO is to feature a specific community, their heritage, and their creative expression. More communities of people are moving to Portland and through BARRIO we want to create a greater understanding of the art, cultures, and creative expression of these communities. BARRIO is an event where everyone belongs and belonging expands beyond our walls.

As a soft launch of this project, we're going to start with BARRIO OF PERU. Featuring the artwork of William Hernandez with his solo exhibition "THE TRANSITION". We will explore, as a community, the music and dance of Peru with a Live Performance by Luciana Proano & JB Butler (INKA JAM) at 7:15pm. We will enjoy the flavors of this land with delicious Peruvian snacks served by Chef Gary Marmanillo.

Project Gallery

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