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Barrio of Mexico

Let’s enjoy this symbolic culture together and explore culture in its many art forms.

We're presented the fifth installment of BARRIO! This month Blind Insect Gallery is featuring México. Let’s enjoy together this symbolic culture and explore México in its many art forms.

The Mexican culture is rich, colorful, and vibrant, influenced by its ancient civilizations and diverse heritage. We will explore the sounds of México with the fearless singer Edna Vazquez, a songwriter and guitarist whose powerful voice and musical talent embrujan and transcend the boundaries of language.

The prehispanic rhythms from the past and the voices of the sacred energy will be presented by the ensemble Huehcha Omeyocan and the magic colors of this country will be represented by the dancers the Chinelos, who are the best known Carnival dancers in Mexico.

Inside Blind Insect Gallery, we're featuring the collage artwork by the Mexican artist Pepe Moscoso with his solo exhibition "Things We Don't See" after a two year hiatus from creating art, he is back with new series of collages that explore the memories, magical worlds, and those childhood adventures of our past.

This BARRIO is bringing together the flavors of México by local restaurants and mezcal from Ilegal. Let's dance with DJ Chaach who will play the sounds that exemplify global music.

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