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Barrio of Brazil

Let’s enjoy this symbolic culture together and explore culture in its many art forms.

For the eighth installment, Blind Insect Gallery presented the BARRIO of Brasil. The Brasilian culture is a rich, colorful, and vibrant community influenced by three ethnic groups with a strong heritage, incredible culinary culture, and magic music.

We will have Bloco Alegria, a group of Brazilian music lovers, who enjoy it all: samba from Rio de Janeiro, samba reggae from Bahia, as well as popular Brazilian music. Let's dance with Dj Digo Dalí who will play the sounds that exemplify the most danceable Brazilian beats.

The rhythms and dance from Brasil will be presented by Joe Ferreira (Joey), aka TheRioDancer, who is from Rio de Janeiro but based in Portland, OR. He has 25 years of experience in Latin Style and Brazilian Ballroom.BARRIO is bringing together the flavors of Brasil with the food of Favela Brazilian Café. FAVELA brings a unique experience of the most traditional street food from Brazil.

Inside Blind Insect Gallery, we're featuring the collage artwork by artist Kike Congrains with his solo exhibition “Paper Surgeries.

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