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Updated: Mar 23, 2023

Hard-Edge Geometric


Kaline Carter

Each line touches into a point of meeting,giving way to an image filled with meaning and understanding of architecture. Kaline Carter, an artist based in Colorado gives the word “geometry” new meaning. His work speaks to the lines and segments seen within architecture and cityscapes.

The colors beg the observer to see them, lines drawing you in, to a place we can all relate to. A city we all know, but have not seen in a light like this.

"We revealed to each other our most tender selves, safe from fear of judgment. We were honest, and open and asked for forgiveness and forgave. We built each other up and when we did wrong we repaired."
"Los Angeles 86" Original Contemporary Painting

Kaline’s art is an example of precision and creativity living in harmony. His series of paintings entitled “Metropolis” are unique depictions of LA’s cityscapes. Kaline creates each painting with an image in mind,then draws his image. From there, he decides what colors are going to accompany the geometric shapes; once he has this figured, each piece becomes its own. Kaline takes time with each piece creating a space of artistic meditation. In his own words Kaline describes how painting and art have helped with his anxiety and sense of coping with life. His work goes beyond expression,giving peace of mind and solace to the creator.

The Art of Kaline Carter opens up interpretation and imagination in a style that is unique and full of color. Kaline’s work speaks to a part of us that craves safe spaces, fulfilling the need to observe architecture in its purest form of creativity. Each piece, a blueprint into the brilliant mind of Kaline Carter.

~ MJ Tuning

The sonnet of Lines

(a tribute to “Metropolis” By Kaline Carter)

Looking up from the ground, buildings tower over a view of reality, shadows making way to the surrounding cityscape. Each line sits in the perfect spot to make adequate space. The arbitrary manifestation of one idea, for a city rising from the ground. Artistry and precision form a bond to hold this structure together. Each point standing firm where they will live out their fate. The structure standing tall, fitting perfectly in its place At the hands of an artist, proud to be created.

Structured on the edge of becoming mighty. Imagined with dignity woven through each blueprint, Towers of color emerging from a mind with a paintbrush. Creating levels of geometric design, brilliance makes its way to the surface of his mind Telling all critics to mind their own and hush..

~ MJ Tuning

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