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Jorie Jenkins

Part archeologist, part linguist, artist and musician, creator Jorie Jenkins was encouraged to imagine and create from an early age. Influenced by Sci-Fi and Fantasy authors, artists and puppeteers, and coming from a lineage of poets, performers and artisans, Jorie explored the many mythical and whimsical explanations of creation across human ancestry. Additionally examining history, anthropology, language and the modern scientific method, the artist was fascinated with how human expression and curiosity can reflect our relationship to the Universe, the Earth, and all sentient beings.


As a storyteller, the artist first illustrated the characters, artifacts and landscapes of her world solely for her own reference, but she was encouraged to share the visual art that seemed to tell many stories. Weaving the conflicts of our own reality into a tapestry of alluring depth, the artist intends to further expand an imagined world, and make it accessible, palpable and powerful. The Bog and Mangrove cultures represented in this collection are a fraction of the entire realm yet to be revealed; other cultures include the Ocycan Desert people of the Crystal Cactus, the reclusive Onepalipan clans of the tropical Naku gardens, the underwater pod city of Thoban, the cunning Amnamaran warrior birds, and the jovial Ou-Ti tribes of Yaawo-Ana, City of Trees. 


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