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Agata Rek

She is a Polish-born interdisciplinary artist based in Portland. Her current medium of choice is analog collage, photography, and illustration.
Her work typically features a point of view created from observation and intuition. Her approach to collage has mostly narrative context and symbolism. Her work mainly includes a combination of human elements and abstract forms. Twisting focal point with unexpected allows her to capture something intriguing with conflicting emotions. Agata’s collages go beyond being a concept, they stand as a gesture and place the viewer in a field of action. Collage connects her with her most vulnerable side, becoming her visual, universal language. Having lived in Europe and the United States, she feels at ease with the visual landscapes of both.
Most pieces are created with recycled materials to create something permanent from something disposable. She hopes you will get inspired to look carefully at the world around you and the person within you. At the moment Agata is continuing to expressing herself through various media, constantly learning and exploring in a variety of creative techniques, combining her love for art and fashion.

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